5 thoughts on “Welcome to W4TSR Time Share Radio”

  1. Would like to get the Glutathione podcast from last week, but it is not listed yet? Plus of course the show I did on The Health Benefits of Chocolate on Oct 25, 2012. How do I get the GSH one too?
    P.S. When you hit the Contact us it goes nowhere.

  2. Great show today on human rights and justice for all. It’s a pleasure working with Chad and Dean. I received some positive feedback from people who listened to the show. Today Show was on illegal in 4 years of the legal immigrant and their financial impact on United States. As well as the moral implications and the power inbalance between the criminal employers and the people that they employ.

  3. Hello, can you please send me the podcast for the Thursday (8-1-13) “On The Inside with Emma” show at 4:00 with Melissa Wyatt.
    Trying to drum up sponsors for the show. Thank you!

  4. Dear Sir/Madam, Will you be broadcasting the Rabbi Daniel Lapin show? If so, you will have a very faithful listener! Thank you in advance for your attention and for your relply,

    Val Fletcher

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